Monday, May 4, 2009

Distressed Foil

Here's a fun way to add a distressed metal look to your stamped images using Stamp-N-Foil and Stamp-N-Foil bonding powder from This method does not require the use of a pouch laminator.

Here's what you'll need: 
1 roll of your favorite color of Stamp-N-Foil (I'm using Copper Penny), 1 jar of Stamp-N-Foil bonding powder, pigment ink (I'm using silver but you should choose a color that coordinates with your foil because you're going to see some of the ink between the cracks), a stamp, a heat tool, card stock, and a stamping mat. 

To apply the Stamp-N-Foil bonding powder you'll need to use a PIGMENT INK. Choose a color that coordinates but doesn't match the Stamp-N-Foil color you've selected because you're going to see some of the ink behind the                                               distressed foil.

Ink up your stamp and make sure that it's "juicy."

Stamp your image onto your card. Make sure you stamp on a stamp mat to get nice clean edges. I've been told that stamp mats are a stamper's Secret Weapon...and I believe it. 

Sprinkle the Stamp-N-Foil bonding powder over the stamped image (this part is just like embossing).

Tap off any excess powder. You can also flick the card from the back to remove any stubborn pieces of powder that don't seem to want to "tap" off. Remember, wherever the powder is, the Stamp-N-Foil will stick.

Heat set the Stamp-N-Foil bonding powder using your heat tool until the powder becomes glossy.

While the powder is still hot, lay a piece of Stamp-N-Foil over your stamped image. 

Place a piece of scrap paper on top large enough to cover the Stamp-N-Foil COMPLETELY. This just protects the foil from wrinkling during the next step.

Firmly rub over the back of the paper with a rounded edge.                       

Allow the card to cool COMPLETELY and then slowly peel off the foil.   

You will have a distressed metal effect with the color of the ink peeking through in the cracks of the foil.

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